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Contact Information


P.O.Box 1447 Abidjan 01 Ivory Coast"West Africa"

Côte D'Ivoire Côte D'Ivoire




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Youth Ivory Coast

bullet Mission/Vision

We sensibilize the young people with being a model, to avoid the
life of the street, handling with the risk of their life by politicians.
Our objective is that each young person understands that it has
value and a future to be realized, to mobilize and imply the young...
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bullet What does the organization do?

Currently because of the growth of the AIDS in our country we do much sensibilizing near the young people. We fight the school failure by encouraging the young people to love and continue the studies in order to have a better future.Also we stress the culture and the development of peace through...
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bullet Opportunities for Youth

We wish that our youth find its dignity and its place in the society without distinction of religion and political party and to play its part through sensibilizations, the seminars and conferences which we intend to organize.

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Current Opportunities

Financial Opportunities

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Professional Opportunities

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Our Partners

Global Youth Action Network
Global Youth Action Network