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Contact Information


8 Mapepe Rd, Olympia Prak

Zambia Zambia




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Youth Crime Watch Zambia

bullet Mission/Vision

To exapand a youth-led movement to all locally, nationally, and globally involving all facets of the community in support of the altruistic motives of youths and to inspire a "watch out, help out" commitment resulting in a dramatic reduction of crime,violence and drugs.

bullet What does the organization do?

It is a sensitaisation programmes that helps in creating a leadership skilss in youths. It mobilises and equip a youth led movement in schools and communities in partnership with the public and private institutions to creat a safer enviroment free of crime, drugs and violence in order to foster...
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bullet Opportunities for Youth

Youth are to take part and are actively involved in the running and implementing the programmes so as to develop thir status.

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Global Youth Action Network
Global Youth Action Network