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Contact Information


PO Box 10128
Mwanza , Mwanza

Tanzania Tanzania




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Youth association for change network

bullet Mission/Vision

The vision of the youth association for change network is to put the youth into front line for bring positive changes and create solid future and sustainable. The youth are the change makers due to having energy to solve the problems when empowered, thus why the network put them in front line to...
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bullet What does the organization do?

Youth association for change network makes efforts to help young people to be informed, prepared and responsible on solving their social, political and economic problems. There are more problems that facing the young due to lacks of information,education and challenges,so the network will do his...
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bullet Opportunities for Youth

Its a youth led voluntary non-governmental organization (NGO) that works with the youth, for the youth to insure achievements to the youth in positive manner.The organization established for benefit of the youth especially who living in rural areas. every stage of projects youth are considered...
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Not-For-Profit (NFP)

Youth Led


Our Partners

Global Youth Action Network
Global Youth Action Network