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Contact Information


c/o Bernard mbugua p.o box 40 kipkelion

Kenya Kenya




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Ukweli Youth Group

bullet Mission/Vision

we the youth we are aiming to reach a point where all the youths will be well behaved and atleast get something to do to earn a living. our major vision is to recruit more members and start an income generating project and volunteerism for our youths.
we aim also at emphasising the...
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bullet What does the organization do?

the organization deals with educating youths on the moral well being, doing community work and help those who need the help of the youths. we try mostly to morally help the young children.
we are planning also to get much ivolved in educating the community of HIV and AIDS virus. since...
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bullet Opportunities for Youth

there are many opportunity for our youth group to grow and expand given resources and material. we believe we are are the future leaders, and by so our opportunities. the biggest opportunity is to open a secretariat at division and district level which we are trying.

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Current Opportunities

Financial Opportunities

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Our Partners

Global Youth Action Network
Global Youth Action Network