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Seattle , Washington

United States United States


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Tower of Babel

bullet Mission/Vision

Xenophobia has caused countless wars and hate crimes.

Ultimately, it's not about the myths and legends one's tribe worships or the color of one's skin, it's about one's heritage: unfamiliar customs and invisible deities are no reason to deny other cultures. They are challenges to...
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bullet What does the organization do?

The construction of Babel began in January 1996 as the development of a new multilingual, multicultural online journal of arts and ideas, utilizing the new media of the web to reach out to as large and inclusive a world community as possible and celebrate human enlightenment regardless of...
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bullet Opportunities for Youth

Babel seeks multilingual and multicultural writers, editors, bloggers and translators proficient in using web tools to continue building in over 250 languages what has been recognized since 2001 by the United Nations as one of the most import social and human sciences online periodicals.
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