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Contact Information


Ilica 16
Zagreb , Grad Zagreb
10 000

Croatia Croatia


+385 (0)14921862


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Serbian Democratic Forum-Youth Forum

bullet Mission/Vision

Our vision is that through promotion of coexistence, human rights, minority rights, youth activism and education we can help in building inclusive and open society. Our goal is to bring together motivated people who possess the knowledge and/or motivation for specific topics.

bullet What does the organization do?

Serbian Democratic Forum-Youth Forum (SDF-Forum mladih/СДФ-Форум младих) is an informal group of young people, which is acting as an independent section of Serbian Democratic Forum, NGO from Zagreb. We want to help young people to participate in activities of local non-governmental community...
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bullet Opportunities for Youth

We create a community of young people with similar experiences. They are mostly young people who are members of minority groups but others are welcome to. Forum office and other platforms on which we work present a safe zone for the expressing and shareing of minority opinions and experiences. We...
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Human Rights

Organization Status

Not-For-Profit (NFP)

Youth Led