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Contact Information


2A Muncii Street
105 V.Alecsandri Street, 50 Bl. 9TH Ap

Romania Romania






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Montana Motilor Association

bullet Mission/Vision

The aim of the association is to improve the life of young people, women, elders from disfavored persons from the area of Apuseni Mountains.

bullet What does the organization do?

The organization offers social protection and social assistance for the comunities from the isolated villages of Apuseni Mountains.

bullet Opportunities for Youth

Our organization offers the following opportunities for youth:
- participation in implementing projects of community development;
- training courses in the field of civic involvement for rural youth;
- training in starting and developing a business;
- professional...
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Current Opportunities

Financial Opportunities

No financial opportunities offered. Do you want to host one?

Professional Opportunities

No professional opportunities offered. Do you want to host one?


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Organization Status

Not-For-Profit (NFP)

Youth Led


Our Partners

Global Youth Action Network
Global Youth Action Network