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Contact Information


P.O. Box 1051
Camp Johnson Road
Vanicongo Town , Montserrado

Liberia Liberia






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Liberia National Student Union

bullet Mission/Vision

To mobilize and engage universities and secondary schools students into nation building activities/emoncratic governance and making the voice of the youth heard in making decisions that will shape their future destinate. LINSI strives to encourage and engage our students in undertakings that will...
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bullet What does the organization do?

LINSU carries out seminars, forums and debate geared toward uniting universities and secondary schools students to engage in activities that will prepare them for good governance and demoncratic practices. We also seek to actively engage the students in undertaking developmental projects that...
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bullet Opportunities for Youth

Scholarships, seminars, education, student exchange, etc. We also make ways for the voice of the students to be heard as we serve as medium through which the government, ordinary citizens and the students can meet to discuss and find favorable solutions to and in finding answers to their problems.

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Global Youth Action Network
Global Youth Action Network