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Contact Information


32 rue des Fontenelles
Sèvres , Poitou-Charentes

France France


+33 (1) 46 23 96 28


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LeS dOiGtS bLeUs

bullet Mission/Vision

LeS dOiGtS bLeUs is a France-based collective of young artists which aims at promoting an poetic approach of life. To us, poetry is not some fancy lingo that can only be found in old and dusty books, it's a philosophy that invites people to feel, look around, be curious and communicate.
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bullet What does the organization do?

LeS dOiGtS bLeUs has two main branches : the creation branch and the social action branch.

The creation branch is a non-profit production company. We help artists realize and/or promote their projects. We mutualize resources to help one another. Our main fields of creation are...
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bullet Opportunities for Youth

LeS dOiGtS bLeUs' Label offers help to people who want to make movies, people who want to make exhibitions and people who want to get published. Don't hesitate to contact us !

All the people who want to promote art, peace, open-mindedness, curiosity and peculiarity are welcome !...
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Current Opportunities

Financial Opportunities

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Professional Opportunities

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Organization Status

Not-For-Profit (NFP)

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Youth Led


Our Partners

Global Youth Action Network
Global Youth Action Network