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Jl. Paus IV No.4a Ulak Karang Padang
Padang , Sumatera Barat

Indonesia Indonesia




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Indonesian Critical Children Community

bullet Mission/Vision

- Build Synergi of Children For Change The World Become Better

- Give informations to the children about current issues and ask the children to get involved

- Give the rights for children to express their feeling in many ways, but still in positive corridor

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bullet What does the organization do?

Invite children and youth to criticize something well by writing, drama, music, etc. Beside it, we also give information to children about current issues through several program, and training children for leadership ability. We also partner with several projets and organizations in the world

bullet Opportunities for Youth

We open oppurtunities for children in the world, especially in Indonesia to contribute more in world changes. Everyone can donate, can contribute by many ways. You can writing, you can record your voice, and also sharing your idea.

We also looking for the children and youths who has...
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Not-For-Profit (NFP)

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Global Youth Action Network
Global Youth Action Network