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77 Huntley St. Apt. 2109
Toronto , Ontario
M4Y 2P3

Canada Canada




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HOPE -- Hop On Pay Equity

bullet Mission/Vision

Did you know that no country in the world has achieved wage equality between men and women? This historic inequality has been recognized by all major Western democracies. In Canada, the wage gap between men and women is 28%. In other countries, it is as high as 50%. Justifications for this...
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bullet What does the organization do?

HOPE -- Hop On Pay Equity -- Is a youth based organization that promotes and advocates for legislative change in employment and pay equity at both the federal and provincial level in Canada. Under the current Conservative government, pay equity has taken a huge step backwards and now only women...
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bullet Opportunities for Youth

This group welcomes the input of ideas and suggestions for political activism on the facebook group discussion page so that we can build a groundswell of support for changes to pay equity laws and women's rights in Canada. Hopefully we can achieve a ripple effect internationally and emulate the...
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