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Contact Information


UB, University of the Humanities.
Social Sience shcool, 1-306, 403

Mongolia Mongolia






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www.university of humanitis.mn


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Community Club

bullet Mission/Vision

* Our vision is " to built better and peace society" especially for youths.
Community club works with students and youths who interest international relation studies from the different universities. The leader is a director of social Science school in University of the Humanities. Board...
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bullet What does the organization do?

1. Training...There is Debate trainings and debates with Mongolian Open Debate Association. Also there are “Democratic society” trainings with Union of Mongolian Democratic Youth…etc…
2. Youth developing meetings... Everyweek we organize metings with different kind of major poeple and...
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bullet Opportunities for Youth

1. from trainings: youths are opportunity to develop their debate, report, freely talkings skills, share experieces, idea from each other. Built themselves strong active youths by their friends, clubmates...
2. from meetings, they make huge friendship, take oppotunity from diffrent...
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Current Opportunities

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Organization Status

For-Profit (FP)

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Youth Led


Our Partners

Global Youth Action Network
Global Youth Action Network