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Contact Information


Macvanska 8
Belgrade ,

Serbia Serbia


+381 (0) 113441737


+381 (0) 113441737


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Centre for Antiwar Action

bullet Mission/Vision

Center for Antiwar Action was founded in Belgrade, in 1991, as the first peace organization in Serbia. Center is established as a non-governmental and non-profit organization dedicated to non-violent conflict resolution, promotion of human rights, building of civil society and raising public...
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bullet What does the organization do?

CAA has developed various education projects dealing with non-violent conflict resolution, raising awareness on human rights, protection of the victims of discrimination and repression, development of civil society through local activism, promotion of democratic institutions and changes.
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bullet Opportunities for Youth

Since 1996 several local CAA offices have been established in various Serbian towns. After initial support, they now function as independent NGOs. Also, out of some early CAA projects, several independent centers have been developed, such as the Group MOST, which took over most of educational...
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