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Currently No Official Head Office
, Ontario
L4A 1L3

Canada Canada




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Canadian Youth Assembly

bullet Mission/Vision

The Canadian Youth Assembly (CYA) has been created by youth and for youth to fulfil many tasks.

Our vision is to better Canada through creating opportunities for youth to become involved and interested in the public process, while bringing light to youth issues and working with...
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bullet What does the organization do?

Operating bottom up, with the youth membership running the show, the CYA is interested in bridging the gap between apathy, disinterest and disengagement and involvement in the public process.

Working with other youth organizations and governments on various levels we strive to...
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bullet Opportunities for Youth

The CYA hold national elections beginning in 2009. Youth from various areas throughout Canada will be selected to represent the youth in their area.

We are creating internship and various other positions with governmental and nongovernmental organizations in order to facilitate...
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Current Opportunities

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Peace & Conflict

Organization Status

Not-For-Profit (NFP)

Youth Led