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Contact Information


3266 & 1/2 Rosecrans St.
San Diego ,

United States United States


(619) 226-2099


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International Humanity Foundation

bullet Mission/Vision

International Humanity Foundation is a unique organization. It believes in absolute transparency and functions almost entirely through the efforts of its hundred plus unpaid volunteers from all over the world, who give their time, skills, energy and love to help our family in Kenya, Thailand and...
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bullet What does the organization do?

Through its poverty and education programs IHF creates person-to-person communication links between the voiceless, at-risk populations and the ordinary everyday people of all walks of life. This facilitates the exchange of more accurate information on global poverty thereby educating each other...
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bullet Opportunities for Youth

IHF orphanages and safe-homes around the world are open to the most vulnerable and marginalized children from slum areas and nomadic/tribal villages. Many of our children are orphans that have experienced extreme poverty. At the IHF orphanages, they find a permanent family that believes strongly...
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bullet News (RSS)

Tsunami, Tsunami! October 21st, 2014

by Kerri, Work-Study, IHF Bali

2014-10-16 13.55.48

Two of our students, banging pots and spoons, as... go to page

Students Prayer Day before the final exams! October 21st, 2014

by Valeria, Co-Director, IHF Kenya

When I first came I wanted to know a little bit of how the school system works here and I thought to myself: ‘There is many things I have to learn about this, but I am sure I will know everything... go to page

Never trust a monkey! October 21st, 2014

by James, Co-Director, IHF Chiang Rai

While out exploring Northern Thailand, I visited the “Monkey Cave” with some guys I met. We had been out on our bikes for all day, and thought that the cave would be a good place to rest and... go to page

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